Fireman Gets Booted From Job After Posting Incredibly Racist Meme On Facebook


Bradley Baugh is a fireman in Springfield, Ohio who had just recently been hired by the Springfield Fire/Rescue Division.

But apparently, Baugh wasn’t bright enough to realize that anything you post on social media can be seen by the entire world and come back to bite you right in the ass. It’s strange how long it takes people to realize that the internet is forever, but Baugh still hadn’t.

Specifically, Baugh ran across a racist meme on Facebook and decided he loved it so much that he just had to share it on his own personal page.

Big mistake.

The meme read:

“N*ggas dropout of school & get a job at McDonald’s talking bout ‘On My Grind’ Yeah, okay, GRIND me up a Oreo Mcflurry with yo dumbass.”

Wonder how much Baugh is laughing now.

Fire Chief Brian Miller had this to say regarding Baugh’s immediate dismissal from the force:

“We need public support and public trust to do our job. When we have somebody who interferes with those things and interrupts our mission and our ability to effectively conduct business we have to act.”

Baugh had only been a firefighter for a couple of weeks. Previously, he had worked as a lieutenant for the German Township Fire and EMS Department. He’s been a Springfield city employee ever since 2007.

Not long after he was dismissed from the fire department, Baugh deleted all of his social media accounts and had his phone disconnected. Sounds like he should have thought of that a long time ago.

But what Baugh did and the repercussions of it are yet another lesson to all of us that you cannot just post things on Facebook or Twitter and not expect someone to see them. You may think you’re posting into a vacuum or want to share a “joke” with your friends and family, but every person with a cell phone or computer can see everything you put on the internet.

Baugh deserves what he got. He’s clearly a disgusting racist jerk, and karma just slapped him down.

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Featured image via Springfield Fire Rescue Division