‘Foot Injury?’ Jason Chaffetz Desperately Eyes The Exits As Trump Administration Implodes (VIDEO)

Rep. Jason Chaffetz was a rising star in the GOP, then Donald Trump happened. Now the head of the House Oversight Committee has a 'foot injury' to tend to.
Image: Modified from video screengrab via CNN.

Get himRep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) was a rising star in the GOP firmament, then Donald Trump happened.

First, the head of the House Oversight Committee announces he’s not running in 2018, even though that’s a year and a half away. And then, he said he may not even finish his term.

Then — after weeks of dragging his feet on the investigations into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia — he finally threw Trump’s disgraced national security advisor Michael Flynn to the wolves on Tuesday. And now, he claims he’s got a “foot injury” to deal with.

That’s right. CNN reported on Thursday Jason Chaffetz announced that he has to have immediate surgery to “remove all the hardware” from a 12-year-old injury. And, he adds, it’ll take three to four weeks for him to recover.

Gee, it’s a good thing his health insurance covers it and that his employer gives him all that time to recover. Millions of the American people who pay for this congressman’s health insurance and benefits aren’t so lucky.

Curiously, Jason Chaffetz made his announcement on Instagram:

What’s going on with Jason Chaffetz?  Does he know something we don’t?

So why would someone as nakedly ambitious as Jason Chaffetz suddenly want to abandon his seat in Congress? For starters, he’s getting slammed from all sides. In February he got shouted down by his own conservative constituents for coddling Donald Trump and defending his unconstitutional behavior. Then he got reamed by liberals in march after he said people who can’t afford health insurance can choose not to buy iPhones.

And this week, right-wing attorney Larry Klayman blasted the Utah Republican for daring to suggest that Michael Flynn broke the law when he failed to disclose payments he’d gotten from Russia.

Last week, Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks said Chaffetz’s rapid retreat may be because he wants to feather his nest in the private sector while preparing to run for Governor. But there’s also another possible reason.

“…Or he’s gonna leave right away because he doesn’t want to stay as oversight chairman because there’s a disaster coming down the road, and he’s either going to have to crucify Trump as oversight chairman or cover up for him, and neither one of those things is politically advantageous to Jason Chaffetz.”

As Time reports the investigations into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia are ongoing and show no sign of letting up. For starters, the fired acting attorney general Sally Yates is testifying before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee in May. Meanwhile, the House and Senate intelligence committees are both conducting investigations on top of the one by the FBI.

On top of that, Louise Mensch, a British political pundit, suggests Russia has compromising information about Jason Chaffetz, though Snopes says this remains unproven.

Another Twitizen who’s a constitutional lawyer suggests something serious is going down.

The Internet is also abuzz with rumors of campaign finance fraud and an affair from a former White House staffer for Bill Clinton.

None of these rumors from semi-credible sources are verified, but just having to fend them off puts Jason Chaffetz in a bad place. Aside from all the wild guesses and speculation, Jason Chaffetz is in undeniably in between a rock and a hard place, and they’re swiftly closing in.

Here’s the video with Cenk Uygur speculating on why Jason Chaffetz is frantically eyeing the exits.

And here’s the video from CNN with Jason Chaffetz caving to pressure and throwing Michael Flynn under the bus.

Featured image: Video screengrab via CNN with modifications.