Former Reality Show Star Donald Trump Just Made Up His Own Approval Rating


Last February, former reality show star Donald Trump blasted “fake news” for reporting on his dismal approval ratings, and in November he said the same thing. Trump has only touted his approval rating from the conservative-leaning pollster, Rasmussen. But even with that poll, it’s taken a dive. Trump did hit 51 percent in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll on Wednesday, but as of Friday, his approval rating tumbled to 47 percent.

On Friday, Trump insisted that his approval rating is much higher than polls suggest and that voters will ultimately cast their ballots for him.

“A poll just came out now, Rasmussen, it’s now 51,” Trump said on “Bernie and Sid in the Morning” on WABC in New York, according to The Hill.

“They say that it’s 51 but add another 7 or 8 points to it,” he added. “They don’t want to talk about it, but when they get into the booth, they’re going to vote for Trump.”

That didn’t go down too well on Twitter.

Also on Friday, RealClearPolitics noted Trump’s average approval rating is at 41.5 percent and even if you add 7 imaginary points to that, it’s still low. Trump is a deeply insecure man who just fabricated his own approval rating in order to feed his ego.

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Image via screen capture.