Four People Shot At ‘She’s A Pistol’ Gun Shop In Kansas


Four people were shot on Friday afternoon during an attempted robbery of a Shawnee, Kansas gun store which is called ‘She’s a Pistol’ located next to the Church of God. Amen.

The Kansas City Star reports:

Initial reports were that three of the robbers and one gun store employee were wounded during the incident at 57th Street and Nieman Road, only about a block from Shawnee City Hall.

Ambulance officials said they transported three people, all in critical condition, to hospitals. The fourth person, believed to be one of the suspects, was found wounded several blocks away, police said.

The condition of the suspect was not immediately known.

The store, She’s A Pistol, caters to female gun owners and offers self-defense and gun safety classes. It is owned by Becky and Jon Bieker, according to state business records.

Nearby schools were reportedly were placed on lockdown after the incident.

According to KMBC, two of the suspects were found at the gun shop. Two other suspects fled from the scene and were found in a neighborhood nearby.

Shawnee police Maj. Dan Tennis said the owner of the business, a man, was shot and three of the four suspects were shot.

It’s unclear who shot the suspects.

The shooting victims all had critical injuries. The woman who co-owns the business suffered minor injuries to her face. Police said it appeared that she had been punched, KMBC reports.

Some people in the area were concerned when the gun store opened up but the owner assured NRA News that there is not cause for concern.

We did not look for gun stories to post today but they just kept popping up. A Fort Bragg solider was shot in the chest by his wife after she mistook him for an intruder.

An off-duty cop was showing off his new gun to his roommate, who he shot in the head. That shooting was accidental, of course.

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