Fox Host Bars Press From Speech — After Saying Liberals Don’t Tolerate Dissent


Fox “News” host Jeanine Pirro just loves to call liberals and progressives “snowflakes” and accuse them of being unable to tolerate conservative voices, like when some colleges bar controversial right-wing extremists such as former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos. In April, when the University of California, Berkeley, canceled a speech by Ann Coulter, Pirro railed on the Fox airwaves:

“We are in danger of becoming a fascist, totalitarian society. I can’t wait for these young kids to get in the real world, to come into it, ‘cause they’re not gonna be able to survive.

“The left is shutting down the right systematically.”

Turns out, however, that like so many conservatives, Ms. Pirro doesn’t have the courage of her high-decibel convictions.

Over the weekend, when journalists attempted to enter a speech Pirro was giving to the California Republican Party, they were told they weren’t allowed to enter the event while Pirro was speaking.

Hypocrite much, Jeanine?

The night before Pirro spoke, reporters were allowed in to cover remarks made by former White House political adviser Steve Bannon. And journalists were also allowed access to speeches given by economist and Trump adviser Stephen Moore and anti-taxation activist Grover Norquist. So why did Pirro suddenly decide the press wasn’t welcome? Did she fear they might report some of her hateful rhetoric and make it known to the world?

When asked for comment, Newsweek reports:

“Megan Range, who handled media relations for the California Republican convention, said Pirro offered no reason for making the last-minute decision to keep the press from listening to her half-hour-long speech. A spokeswoman for Fox News did not answer a request for comment.”

Equally odd is the fact that no video or transcript of Pirro’s remarks are available online, which is usually standard procedure even if the press is not allowed into an event.

Perhaps Jeanine Pirro needs to take a long look in the mirror and discover who the real “snowflake” is.

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