Fox Host Hammers Katrina Pierson Over Omarosa’s N-Word Audio: ‘You’re On Tape!’


Fox News host Ed Henry hammered former Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson today after she denied what everyone heard on ex-White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s audio clip. Neman released an audio clip of staffers confirming that Trump had used a racial slur. One of those staffers was Pierson, who just before the release, denied that Donald Trump had used the N-word. Pierson is heard in the audio talking to Trump aide named Lynne Patton. Pierson, for the record, keeps changing her story.

“You told me you never said that,” Henry told Pierson after she contradicted what she told him Monday night. “You’re on tape!”

“That’s not what we were talking about,” Pierson insisted. “That’s not the question you were asking me.”


Pierson kept speaking over Henry as the interview became more heated. Henry said there were inconsistencies in Pierson’s comments.

On Wednesday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that she could not guarantee that Trump didn’t use the racial slur.

“I can’t guarantee anything,” Sanders told reporters during the press briefing.

Sanders went on to say that she has not “been in every single room” but added that “the president addressed this question directly” and that she has “never heard him say it.”

And that’s so reassuring. And to prove that Trump isn’t a racist, Sanders quoted false jobs numbers of African-Americans under the Obama administration, saying that the so-called president* has created three times the amount of jobs for the black community than his predecessor has. Except, her numbers are way off. Obama created 3 million jobs for African-Americans during his two terms and after he was handed an apocalyptic economy. So, to prove that Trump isn’t a racist, Sanders told a lie about our country’s first black President. Later, she apologized, but it was the shittiest apology ever.

As for Pierson, she also defended Trump after he called Omarosa a ‘dog’ by saying that he’s called men dogs, too. Jinkies, how about we have a president who doesn’t go around calling people dogs? I know, that sounds like a CRAZY idea.

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