Fox Host Repeatedly Calls Stephen Miller Out Over Trump’s Ukraine Scandal: ‘I’m Asking You A Direct Question’


The senior advisor for policy for Donald Trump spent his Sunday morning getting taken to the woodshed by Fox News host Chris Wallace, and it was glorious to watch Stephen Miller’s feet held to the fire. Trump takes a lot of advice from Baby Goebbels, and he might want to rethink that going forward. Wallace called Miller out repeatedly for not answering his questions. At one point, Wallace asked Miller why Trump used three private attorneys rather than going to the state department or the other agencies at his disposal over his alleged concerns about Joe Biden and his son.

“Stephen, I’m asking you a direct question!” Wallace said before adding that Miller was giving “non-answers.”

Miller couldn’t offer an answer as to how the Bidens broke the law in Ukraine.

Miller just couldn’t stop himself with his bad defense of Donald Trump but Wallace called him out again.

Miller also bucked when Wallace noted that the IG had found the report “credible and a matter of urgent concern.”

“They’re wrong,” Miller said without explanation.

It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask why Trump didn’t go through protocols and norms if he genuinely thought the Bidens were corrupt. It’s important to note that Ukraine’s top prosecutor cleared both Joe Biden and his son of any wrongdoing. Miller kept bringing up Biden while defending Trump’s bizarre actions and that shit didn’t fly too well today.

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Featured image via screen capture.