Fox News Blames Victims Of Florida School Shooting For Not Defending Themselves With Slingshots


Leave it to Fox “News” to find the absolute worst hot takes of all following a national tragedy like the one we saw in Parkland, Florida yesterday.

At this point, we all know the drill: a bunch of innocent kids die, then the right wing explodes with people saying “NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR DEBATE” about gun control. At least three or four prominent Republicans have said it already, not to mention the millions and millions of brain-dead Trumpsters on the internet who reckon you can pry their AR-15’s from their cold, dead hands.

But the geniuses at Fox are seemingly always trying to figure out a new way to scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to truly shitty things to say. And when you get that desperate, you know it’s time to invite “Judge” Andrew Napolitano back on the show.

Napolitano was sitting down with the knuckleheads at Fox and Friends when he finally was able to release his pent-up “not the time for debate” rant that all conservatives immediately feel as soon as there’s another shooting with the same type of gun, over and over. And of course, none of them can be outdone by the next, so the Judge compares the right to own “the civilian equivalent of an M-16” (as he puts it) to praying to their Lord and Savior™.

And of course, he has to insert the ridiculous notion that having more people armed in any given situation makes it somehow less likely that someone will get killed, as ridiculous as that sounds even typing it out for this article you’re reading.

But then he makes a claim that will make your head spin:

This idiot just said you can STOP an AR-15 with a f*cking slingshot.

“Sure,” said Steve Doocy. We’re with you for once, Steve.

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