George Conway Fires Back In The Best Way After Trump Calls Him A ‘Total Loser’


On Monday, George Conway, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, questioned Donald Trump’s fitness to serve as the president. In one of his tweets, he gave the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and followed that, saying that ‘his condition is getting worse.’

This morning, Trump retweeted Brad Parscale, his 2020 campaign manager, and called George Conway a ‘total loser.’

The problem here is, well, everything. Conway dropped out of consideration from the DOJ job and did not resign. And Trump did/does know Mr. Conway so Pascale’s tweet is fake news.

Mr. Conway fired back at Trump to say, “Congratulations! You just guaranteed that millions of more people are going to learn about narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism! Great job!”

And he didn’t stop.

The Twitterverse pounced.

So, will Kellyanne defend her husband from her cyberbullying boss? My take: Kellyanne is the leaker.

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Featured image via screen capture. 


  1. I read that Twitter suspended you. Sorry that happened. The same happened to me on 9 March and my account “will not be restored.” I’ll add you to my blog links and hopefully boost your visibility.

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