GOP Begs Americans To Wish Eric Trump A Happy Birthday And Hilarity Ensues


If you haven’t heard, it was recently Eric Trump’s birthday and the GOP realized that no one really gives a f*ck about that — so the ruling party of the United States begged Americans to wish Dear Leader’s little (adult) boy a happy birthday.

It, um, didn’t go well. The GOP begged Americans to “sign his card” which came complete with a donation form directing wellwishers to give money to Trump’s legal fund…or the Republican Party (you can really take your pick there).

Naturally, Americans showed Eric Trump the respect he deserved — and by that, we mean none at all:

At this point, we have to wonder how much longer Republicans can allow the Trumps to stay in power. Any time the Trump name is attached to anything, the response is at minimum widespread mockery.

Is America great again yet?

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