GOP Congresswoman Gets Humiliated On CNN While Discussing Latest Mueller Indictments (VIDEO)


A Republican member of Congress who supports Donald Trump got slapped down by karma during an appearance on CNN Saturday afternoon.

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) was discussing the 13 indictments handed down against Russian nationals by a grand jury in the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. She was asked by host Fredricka Whitfield:

“The indictment describes an unprecedented campaign by Russia to support Donald Trump, disparage Hillary Clinton and communicate with, quote, unwitting people tied to the Trump campaign.

“The indictments say there were Americans who were unwitting participants, the president continues to say there was no collusion. How do you interpret these indictments?”

Tenney began spouting the Trump line, almost as if she’d been given talking points by the administration:

“Well, I think the indictments are instructive because what they show is the Russians really are trying to create some kind of chaos in our country. I think it’s unfortunate that the Democrats are overreacting to this as far as, you know, really focusing on just Trump/Russia collusion, I think this doesn’t say …”

The host interjected to remind Tenney:

“Well, it’s the president who brought up the word ‘collusion’ actually.”

That led Tenney off on this tangent of nonsense:

“We’ve used millions of dollars and thousands of hours of time and wasted resources on investigating something that looks like it wasn’t really there in the first place.

“Why aren’t Democrats working together with Republicans to stop this instead of trying to create, what looks like an unending smear campaign.”

Here’s a better question: Why isn’t Donald Trump enforcing the sanctions passed overwhelmingly last year by both houses of Congress?

When Whitfield asked specifics about the indictment, Tenney — who happens to be an attorney — was forced to admit:

“It is a 37-page indictment, I haven’t read it all. I’m skimming through it right now.”

Yep, she’s a typical Trump supporter: She cannot be bothered to read anything longer than a paragraph because that’s just too damn difficult.

Watch Rep. Tenney crash and burn on live TV:

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