GOP Launches Boycott On Restaurant That Refused To Serve Sarah Sanders, Backfires Immediately

Sanders: screen capture

The Republican Party of Virginia tried to launch a boycott of the restaurant that refused to serve White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders over the weekend, but the tweet that links to a petition only garnered 19 likes. It’s kind of odd really that the Virginia GOP would launch an attack on a small business that pays taxes to the state and employs residents of that state. Still yet, under the petition commenters are calling for the restaurant to be shut down. “Close this restaurant,” one commenter wrote.

While launching a boycott, the Virginia GOP claims to be part of the ‘silent majority’ in that state while mentioning the ‘intolerant left.’

It’s their right to boycott, but it’s doubtful that a handful of red hats can hurt the Red Hen’s business.

A controversial GOP Senatorial candidate in Virginia is a defender of Confederate monuments. Trump endorsed him, by the way.

There are no supportive comments on Twitter. Zero. Zilch.

On Facebook, the plea for a boycott got 36 shares. Lexington voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election so it’s doubtful the boycott would gain any steam.

I’ve been watching the Red Hen’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Soon after the owner refused to serve Sarah Sanders they had a couple of hundred followers on Twitter and now they have over 24,500. On Facebook, they had between 1-2,000 ‘likes’ and now they have over 104,000 likes. It appears that they have removed the option to review the restaurant on Facebook after Trump supporters poured in to slam the venue even though they’ve never been there. But, that’s the Internet for you.

Trumpsters just aren’t very good at boycotts.

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Image via screen capture.