GOP Lawmaker: People With Disabilities Are ‘A Drain On Society’ (AUDIO)

The 2016 election was a disaster for the Democrats, but here's one vile Republican congressman who won't be coming back: Cresent Hardy from Mesquite, Nevada.
Photo: Via Cresent Hardy's Facebook page.

The 2016 election was a disaster for the Democrats, but here’s one vile Republican congressman who won’t be coming back: Cresent Hardy from Mesquite, Nevada. Among this year’s few bright spots was the victory of a rising star, the 36-year-old Hispanic Democrat Ruben Kihuen. In his statement, he vowed:

“I will do everything I can do to stop [Trump’s] reckless agenda.”

Cresent Hardy’s increasingly diverse 4th District is unlikely to miss him. Since arriving on Capitol Hill in 2015, Cresent Hardy’s mostly toed the Republican line. He voted yes on cutting $5 billion worth of U.S. government programs so we can hand $607 billion to the Pentagon; he rejected on job training and other help for workers laid off because of foreign trade agreements; he also voted yes on the bogus Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act; and yes on making it harder for refugees from the horrors we’ve helped cause in Iraq in Syria to seek asylum in the U.S.

But the worst thing about Cresent Hardy was never knowing what would spew forth from his mouth. The Counter Current News reminds us that back in 2015 at a Libertarian Party Expo in Las Vegas, the GOP congressman declared that people with disabilities are a drain on society. Hardy’s open-mouth-insert-foot episode began when he bragged about his totally not-disabled three adult children.

“I have three children. One of them is summa cum laude and two were magnum cum laude. The other one, he didn’t need an education. He works for Raytheon, smarter than all the rest. He works hard, he builds things that are genius. Some people have that ability.”

Cresent Hardy then went on to express pride in how hard his children work and how he hopes they’ll “never have some disability” that might make them a “drain on society.”

“But they all work hard. They are raising their own families. They will not be a drain on society, the best they can. Hopefully they will never have some disability that causes them to have to utilize that.”

The Nevada Democratic Party got hold of the audio, uploaded it to YouTube, and spread the word in a press release with a scathing statement from their spokesperson, Zach Hudson:

“If Cresent Hardy wants to talk about ‘drains on society,’ he should point a finger at his buddy, deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy, not disabled children. Hardy has compared employment non-discrimination laws to ‘segregation,’ agreed with Mitt Romney that 47% of the American people are ‘freeloaders,’ and now called children with disabilities ‘drains on society.’ Cresent Hardy’s comments are outrageous and he owes an immediate apology to every Nevadan with a disability.”

But this isn’t the only example of Cresent Hardy’s acute foot-in-mouth disease. Here are a few other choice tidbits from the outgoing GOP rep from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

  • “Can I say that without getting in trouble like [former Mass.] Gov. [Mitt] Romney? The 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now.” (At a meet and greet in 2014.)
  • “The events surrounding Cliven Bundy’s cattle are unfortunate and reflect a long-­standing problem with federal government overreach.”  (Statement from April, 2014.)
  • “By continuing to create these laws that are what I call segregation laws, it puts one class of a person over another. We are creating classes of people through these laws.” (Response to a question about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in February, 2014.)
  • “If somebody pulls up in a welfare district in a big fancy Escalade, do you think they need welfare at that time? I believe what the founding fathers said: ‘We’re entitled to equal rights, not equal things.’” (At a Hispanic forum in February, 2014.)

And here are couple more choice tidbits from Cresent Hardy from a more recent issue of Las Vegas Review Journal.

  • “You know, that’s the thing that always amazes me. Because I’m white, I’m racist and a bigot.”  (At a forum on August, 2016.)
  • “Sorry, folks, if I’m insulting you. I don’t meant to offend people when I say things, but I’m going to say some things that might be offensive to you. Get over it, because I choose not to be offended. You can’t offend me, so I can’t offend you.” (while speaking about his views on poverty in August, 2016.)

To his credit, Rep. Cresent Hardy withdrew his support for Donald Trump in October and was also among the 10 GOP congressmen and women who urged their colleagues to avoid another government shutdown in 2015. Still…We bid good riddance to bad rubbish.

Listen: Outgoing GOP Rep. Cresent Hardy declares that people with disabilities “are drains on society.”

Featured image: Via Cresent Hardy’s Facebook page.