GOP Lawmaker Rejects Assault Weapon Ban Because Sending ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Works (VIDEO)


A Florida state senator, who is obviously, like, a totally stable genius, said the only thing that is going to stop “the evil” behind mass shootings is “thoughts and prayers.” That didn’t work after the Columbine school massacre and it won’t after the most recent mass shooting in Parkdale, Florida. Maybe God is trying to tell right-wing Christians to do something.

State Sen. Kelli Stargel (R) argued against a ban on assault weapons by countering that with sending “thoughts and prayers” instead.

On Saturday, during a debate on a proposed assault weapons ban, the Florida legislature passed an amendment to a bill coming up for a final vote on Monday containing a two-year moratorium on sales of the AR-15, but that only lasted 15 minutes, because the body overturned it in a 21-17 vote, with every “no” vote coming from Republicans.

And we can see why, after all, Stargel presented the floor with such a novel idea: thoughts and prayers

Stargel said that she is offended when people tell her they want action instead of just “thoughts and prayers.”

“When we say ‘thoughts and prayers,’ it’s frowned upon. And I take real offense at that because thoughts and prayers are really the only thing that’s gonna stop the evil from within the individual who is taking up their arms to do this kind of a massacre.”

“It’s not the weapon that matters,” Stargel insisted, but it’s “the evil from within.”

“But are we going to ban fertilizer, which is what they used in the Oklahoma bombing?” Stargel asked. “Are we going to ban pressure cookers, which is what they used in the Boston massacre? Are we going to ban the multiple handguns that were used in other assaults? Are we going to ban the sawed-off shotgun as what was used in Columbine?”

Stargel said she will put together a plan for gun control to raise the age for gun purchases from 18 to 21, implement mental health checks for individuals with threatening behavior, and she will look at arming teachers, according to The Hill.

But she said that none of these proposals will be as effective as “thoughts and prayers” so she’s going to add that to her plan.

“In my opinion, the one thing that will actually change this the most is the one thing that has become fighting words, which is to say ‘thoughts and prayers,'” she said. “So that’s something I’m gonna continue to add to my comprehensive plan so we can hopefully stop the evil that is happening from within our world.”


But, I thought the NRA said the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

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Image via screen capture.