GOP Lawmaker’s Selfie At Middle School Goes Wrong As Little Girl Gives Him The Middle Finger


We can’t say enough bad things about GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL). First, his appearance. He always looks like he’s wearing a kid’s suit, but that could be overlooked if he wasn’t always kissing Donald Trump’s ass. The Florida Republican even went on Infowars to complain about being called a conspiracy theorist. Last November, Rep. Gaetz (R-Fla.) took to the House floor to call for special counsel Robert Mueller to resign or be fired.

On Tuesday, Gaetz (R-FL) visited Shoal River Middle School in Crestview, Florida, and at least one little girl wasn’t happy to see him there.

Gaetz took a selfie with a large group of middle schoolers behind him, and if you look in the bottom-right corner of the photo, you’ll see our hero of the day giving him her middle finger.

A woman commented under the photo, claiming to be the child’s mother. She called it disrespectful, and said that she “will be dealing with her at home tonight!” She said that she is “livid” and she apologized.

Many commenters appreciated the girl’s gesture. One wrote, “At least one child saw the real you,” and added that “Y’all are acting offended, but she is still less crude than Trump.”

However, some of the ‘fuck your feelings’ crowd lashed out. Trump supporters suddenly want people to act politically correct.

Gaetz thinks it’s his job to call on Mueller to be fired, so we’re wondering how he feels now that the questions special counsel wants to ask Trump were released.

Gaetz was probably at the school looking at kids’ clothes to wear. IDK.

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Image via Facebook.