GOP Rep Forced To Get Restraining Order Against A Gun-Crazy Republican Stalker In Her OWN Statehouse


A Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker came forward recently and obtained a restraining order against her abusive ex-boyfriend, fellow Republican Rep. Nick Miccarelli. Rep. Tarah Toohil said that she decided to come forward because “as a public official, I believe that I have a duty to step forward to protect other women” and she is tired of fearing for her life.

According to Toohil, Miccarelli kicked, hit and pinched her while they were dating, including when they attended legislative events together. In one incident, the National Guard staff sergeant threatened to crash the car he was driving with Toohil in the passenger’s seat while traveling at 100mph. In another incident, Toohil says he pulled a gun on her and threatened her life. She went on to say that he has continued to stalk and harass her since they broke up six years ago.

In a statement on Friday, Toohil said:

There were terrible moments that were nonconsensual at the hands of Rep. Miccarelli. And if I — as a lawyer and a lawmaker — could be this afraid of that individual, then I can only imagine how the other victims feel, which is why I am coming out publicly.

An unnamed woman has also come forward and claimed that he raped her in 2014 and drugged her on at least one occasion. Both women said that they decided it was time to come forward when they saw comments from him on Facebook about the #MeToo movement.

Miccarelli has called the accusations “outrageous and baseless” and claims it is part of a campaign to smear his name. A statement released by his spokesman Frank Keel said,”This stunt provides further evidence that political forces beyond Toohil and Nick’s other female accuser are pulling out all the stops to destroy Nick’s good name and end his political career.” Because apparently, these women are incapable of making decisions on their own, that’s not sexist at all. Keel went on to personally attack Toohil:

Romantic relationships often end, and Nick ended his relationship with Ms. Toohil years ago. Ending a relationship, however, does not permit the jilted partner [to destroy] the other person’s life. The allegations Toohil trumpeted to secure the PFA supposedly occurred six long years ago, yet she never decided to seek any legal relief until now? She knew Nick was recently married. It’s unconscionable that Toohil would abuse the PFA process in this way at this time, knowing the shame and embarrassment it would bring to Nick and his new family.

Women often do not come forward right away after they are physically, sexually or emotionally abused by someone. So, it really isn’t inconceivable that she would now speak out about it, especially after seeing his unspecified comments about the #Metoo movement. If these allegations are true, and we have no reason to doubt his accusers, Miccarelli is a violent man who has no business serving in government, the military or walking around as a free man.

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