GOP Rep Get’s OWNED In Her Republican District Over Obamacare Repeal (VIDEO)


Convincing working and middle-class Americans to vote against their economic self-interests is as much a Republican past time as making poor kids fight wars to make democracy safer for their defense portfolios. Now, for some unknown reason, the low-information voters are aghast that Trump has surrounded himself with billionaire insiders and thus signaling an all-out war on the middle class.

Who would’ve thought that a billionaire ogre born into privilege and who amassed millions ripping off small businessman would be surrpiugind himself with other anti-union billionaires? He wore a trucker cap that said he was going to make “America Great Again” and that was sufficient enough. But Trumpgrets are in full swing across the country, as is resentment towards Republicans in favor of gutting Obamacare (not to be confused with the conservative ACA).

Take, for example, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers,  a Washington state Republican,  did not have a nice reception at an MLK Day speech back home in Spokane. It seems her constituents are very concerned about her plans for their health care.

From the Daily Kos:

Thousands of people gathered at the rally before the planned march through downtown Spokane.

Spokane Mayor David Condon and McMorris Rodgers, the U.S. Representative from Washington’s 5th congressional district, both spoke at the rally about unity.

During the rally, attendees were heard booing McMorris Rodgers, yelling the word “liar” and chanting about saving health care.

The populist uproar could’ve been avoided had only many of these Trump voters not been so easily maniupated. A single visit to would’ve been sufficient enough. But Mr. Small Hands’ d*ck wagging and swagger were apparently necessary requirements for being president. Assuming the world doesn’t become radioactive dust in Trump’s First Hundred Days, expect more of this cognitive dissonance to continue throughout the year.

Watch Rep. Rogers get booed off the stage below:

Featured image via screen capture