Gorka And Palin To Rally In Alabama AGAINST Trump’s U.S. Senate Pick


Alt-right madman Sebastian Gorka and has-been Tea Party queen Sarah Palin are joining forces to rally against Donald Trump’s pick for Alabama’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

The Gorka-Palin duo will be headlining a rally in Alabama on Thursday in support of the controversial candidate for Senate, Judge Roy Moore. Running against Moore is the establishment candidate Luther Strange, Trump and the GOP establishment’s choice.

Now you’d think Trump would have gone with Judge Moore, “a more outsider-fueled, rabble-rousing lightning rod closer to Trump’s own mold.” But somehow Senate Leader Mitch McConnell convinced the befuddled orange malleable mind in the Oval Office to throw his support Strange’s way instead.

Oh, the irony. Gorka and Palin will be rallying support for their Trump agenda candidate, all the while rallying against the other candidate who just happens to be a man loathed by the same establishment who originally loathed Trump.

How did this happen?

After the White House gave Gorka the boot last month, he landed a new home at the MAGA Coalition, a little-known group established to promote Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda. With a mission to “identify the obstructionists in DC and to advocate the America First principles that catapulted Donald Trump to the White House,” the group thought Gorka was a perfect fit and said so in a statement, announcing Gorka’s hiring that he shared with the Washington Examiner.

As Axios reports Gorka’s job as the group’s “chief strategist” is to focus support on anti-establishment candidates that will “compete against globalist corporatists interests.” His first assignment: getting Judge Roy Moore elected. I guess his second assignment was getting the former Tea Party banshee who never turns down an invitation to be in the spotlight. It was that, or everyone else he asked said “no.”

With dueling rallies going on in the staunch GOP state of Alabama this week, political strategists are seeing the split in the party isn’t going as anyone expected. They’re also wondering this: If Donald Trump’s decision to support Luther Strange fails to win him the primary, will the Alabama base walk away from Trump in 2020?

If so, cue the burning of more MAGA hats.

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Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.