‘Great Dealmaker’ Donald Lied About How Much He Paid For Melania’s Engagement Ring


During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump was fond of bragging about what a great dealmaker he is. That, he asserted, would allow him to make great trade deals that would benefit the United States.

Of course, as we’ve learned the hard way, Trump is also a pathological liar who cannot tell the truth for the life of him.

Dealmaker and liar come together in a perfect bundle with news from Forbes that Trump lied about what he paid for current wife Melania’s engagement ring.

In 2005, Trump bragged to The New York Times that he’d managed to get a $1 million discount from Graff Diamonds when he purchased the ring he gave to Melania when he proposed marriage:

“Only a fool would say, ‘No thank you, I want to pay a million dollars more for a diamond.'”

Then again, only a fool would agree to marry a serial adulterer like Donald Trump.

But Graff Diamonds’ chairman Laurence Graff says Donnie is full of crap, noting that he gave Trump “no favors” when it came to the emerald-cut diamond he sold to the real-estate mogul.

Graff’s comments were confirmed Graff CFO Nicholas Paine:

“We don’t sell items for publicity value.”

But, but, but…it’s Donald Trump!

Nope, not even the man with his name on buildings across the world gets a discount on ice for his ladies.

Trump has done other business with Graff: On the 10th anniversary of his wedding to Melania, he also gave the current Mrs. Trump a second diamond ring that reportedly weighed 25 carats! Sounds like Donald needed to make amends for some of his affairs, doesn’t it?

What does this entire matter tell us about Donald Trump: He’s a terrible negotiator, a cad, a liar, and a douchebag. Regardless of how many diamonds he gives Melania or his other “special friends,” Trump will always be just a con man with the mentality of a white trash hustler.

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Featured Image Via Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0