Grocery Store Clerk Helps Mom Get Through Child’s Tantrum Of The Century & It’s Something We Should All Do


Nothing is worse than when your child is having a temper tantrum anywhere. Unless, of course, you are in public and your child is throwing the temper tantrum of the century. That’s when it’s the worst.

It’s hard enough when you’re having to deal with the tantrum in and of itself. It’s worse when you know people are looking, quietly whispering, and judging you quietly inside their mind. Sometimes, you’re able to put your things down and just leave. Other times, not so much. I mean you have to buy food to feed the screaming child, right?

One mom faced this issue when her three-year-old son just wasn’t feeling it and lost in the middle of her local Aldi’s. She wrote on Facebook:

“My 3 year old son, decided he would have a full blown meltdown. Totally lost his marbles! Screaming fit, tantrum. I had my 6 year old son with me too & a full trolley of groceries so I couldn’t just do the ‘Drop & Run’ that, let’s face it, all us parents have done once or twice in our parenting years.”

When she finally was able to make it out of the store, escaping the eyes of parents with apparently perfect children or parentless children, she was stopped by an employee.

That employee handed her a bunch of yellow roses and said, “We thought you deserved these, I hope your day gets better, and please don’t be embarrassed, we understand.” The employee finished up with a hug, something we, as parents, have all needed at one point in time.

The employee who gave her the roses was Shannon Maybury. She responded by saying:

“My heart just went out to the young lady I felt so sad for her and could see the hard time she was having, so just wanted to put a smile on her face. I just wanted to let you know your not alone our hearts just went out to you, and I said I’m buying her a bunch of flowers she deserves it.”

Why is this so important? Because as parents, we’ve all been there, and people tend to forget those terrible tantrum years or they’ve never had children and the judgement flows. Sometimes, just a smile can be enough to help a parent dealing with a difficult child or a child that just isn’t in the mood for it get through that moment.

h/t: Liftable

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