Gun Enthusiast Shoots Wife Dead. Hard To Believe, HUH?


A Texas man called 911 on Sunday morning and admitted to shooting and killing his wife, according to authorities. As it turns out, Martin Gaytan, 24, has quite a fascination for guns and he shared that enthusiasm on Facebook.

Authorities say that Gaytan told them that he and his wife, Monica Gaytan, also 24, had an argument at their home around 5:00 a.m. at their home in Spring, Texas.

Martin Gaytan claims Monica Gaytan pointed a gun at him. Martin Gaytan allegedly told investigators that he took the gun away from his wife and shot her multiple times, ABC 13 reports.

Monica Gaytan was pronounced dead at the scene.

A glance through their Facebook posts reveals a fascination with guns.

Gaytan bragged about his use of guns — leading his wife to comment, “yall are bad.”

“Yep each pull of the trigger throws out 1 41 caliber ftx slug and 2 35 caliber bearings so can’t miss ha ha. Yup can’t go wrong there.”

Monica Gaytan responded,  “Hey no bueno. Why are you playing with that. That’s not for kids.”

Martin wanted protection from the government.


Unfortunately, his wife was the target yesterday.


For protection, right?


Harris County officials say Martin Gaytan is now charged with murder.

Martin and Monica Gaytan were married for almost two years. They also have a 5-year-old son.


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