Hack Hannity Invites James Comey To Appear On His Show And Gets Hit By Online Karma


Apparently, Fox “News” host Sean Hannity is so desperate for decent guests on his show that he’s trying to extend invitations via his Twitter account.

Hannity must have had way too much time on his hands Saturday, because he launched into an extended Twitter rant in which he asked former FBI Director James Comey all kinds of questions. Here’s a sampling:

Here’s a question for Hannity: When did you first realize you were a pathetic hack who has nothing but a bag filled with conspiracy theories and kisses for Donald Trump’s hiney?

Sean, how much did Donald Trump pay you the last time he appeared on your show and you genuflected before him every five seconds?

Finally, Hannity got around to asking Comey for an appearance on his show:

Here’s a thought: How about if Comey agrees to appear with Sean and in exchange Hannity appears on The Rachel Maddow Show for the full hour? How long do you suppose Sean would last under Rachel’s questions? Ten minutes? Less?

The interview offer drew plenty of commentary from Twitter, and some of it is perfectly on point. Take a look:

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for Sean’s pathetic tweetstorm. It’s St. Paddy’s Day, so he’s probably in the bag and wishing someone would talk to him since his family won’t.

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