‘Hail Trump!’: Texas High School Seniors Give Right-Arm Salute For Class Photo (VIDEO)

Some Cypress Ranch High School kids thought shouting
Photo: @louismccorgilee via Twitter (with color filter added).

It’s spring semester at Cypress Ranch High School in Texas, and that means it’s time for that decades-old ritual: the senior class photo for the yearbook.

But guess what? It’s Donald Trump’s America now. On Tuesday some students thought it would be fun to give a Hitler salute and shout “Hail Trump.” KPRC Channel 2 reports:

Several controversial photos of students from Cypress Ranch High School are circulating on social media.

The pictures show a group of students, some with their hands in the air making what appears to be a Nazi salute.

Lovely. A Twitter user heard about it because his siblings and friends still live in Cypress Ranch, a suburb of Houston. He tweeted three photos and wrote.

“this is happening at my siblings’ middle and high schools in houston.”

The first image was a screen grab from a group message with a photo from the bleachers at Cypress Ranch High School. Apparently, a group of girls first gave the black power fist salute and a group of boys responded with their “Hail Trump” Nazi salute. A friend wrote:

“So apparently in Cy Ranch’s class of 2017 “silly picture” some girls did the black power fist and so a bunch of white boys did the Nazi salute! Cool!”

We assume the “Cool!” was meant sarcastically.

Screenshot with photo and texts from Cypress Ranch High School with Nazi salute.

@louismccorgilee then shared another screenshot from a different group message in which his friends from Cypress Ranch High School texted:

“None of the teachers even said anything. they just let them be Nazi boys.”

“there were swastikas all over my desk in science.”

“there were so many of them too. idk why nobody said anything.”

screen shot of tweet with photo and texts from Cypress Ranch High School.The final image that got tweeted is a more close-up view of the (seemingly all white male) Cypress Ranch High School students giving their Third Reich, right-arm salute.

Photo of Cypress Ranch High School senior class Nazi salute: his is happening at my siblings' middle and high schools in houston.

The students in front of the Hail Trumpers don’t seem to know what’s going on behind them. But one student told KPRC the incident was “terrifying.”

In an email to KPRC Channel 2, a student who witnessed the incident but asked to remain anonymous said students were shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump. The student also said it was at least 70 or so people and, “It was pretty terrifying.”

Two photos were taken that day. one was supposed to be serious and the second was supposed to be funny. But, as KPRC Channel 2 wryly observes, “no one is laughing about it now.”

The student from Cypress Ranch High School also wrote in their email:

Most people may think it was just kids just joking around but in the current political climate and the fact these kids are seniors in high school, it’s beyond unacceptable.

The principal sent the following letter home to the students’ families:

This letter is to make you aware of a situation that occurred on our campus today while our senior class was taking a large group panoramic picture. Several of our students made the poor choice of displaying inappropriate gestures during this time. Unfortunately, many of these images have been shared on social media. This is extremely disappointing as this is not an accurate representation of our student body.

We are currently conducting an investigation and those implicated will be punished according to the Student Code of Conduct.

We ask that you talk to your students regarding the posting and sharing of negative social media as this perpetuates a false image of Cy Ranch HS.

We appreciate your partnership and support.

But this goes beyond kids making a “poor choice” that presents a “false image of Cy Ranch HS.” But how “false” is it? These students had to learn this behavior somewhere, most likely from their families and adults in their community.

WATCH: Cypress Ranch High School students yell “Hail Trump” and give Hitler salute.

Featured image:  @louismccorgilee via Twitter (with color filter added).