Hannity Tries To Accuse NBC Of Ignoring Uranium One Story – Punks Himself Instead


For months now, Fox “News” host Sean Hannity has been actively promoting the already debunked story about Hillary Clinton and Uranium One. According to Hannity and his conspiracy-obsessed, low IQ viewers, Clinton should be investigated and prosecuted for approving the sale of a company that produces uranium to a Candian firm which is partially owned by a Russian interest. The main reason Hannity has been spreading this lie is to distract from the investigation of his political savior, Donald Trump, by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

On Thursday it was reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ordering officials with the Department of Justice to question FBI agents about what evidence they uncovered when they looked into Uranium One and concluded no laws had been broken. Translation: Sessions is bowing to pressure from Donald Trump and his right-wing lugnut supporters in the tinfoil hat media circles who are hoping to create a smokescreen which will obscure the fact that members of the 2016 Trump campaign conspired with Russia to steal the election.

As soon as Hannity got wind of the latest developments from the DOJ, he rushed to Twitter and posted this attack on CNN and NBC News:

Yep, you read that correctly: Sean Hannity linked to a story from NBC in order to prove that NBC is “fake news” and hasn’t covered the Uranium One story.

You may now engage in an obligatory facepalm.

Sean Hannity is so pathetic and delusional, that he tried to punk NBC and wound up punking himself instead. Is there some kind of award for that? If not, there should be.

Hannity’s self-inflicted social media wound was the subject of much laughter on Twitter:

It’s OK, Sean. Maybe if Fox cuts you loose you can still get a job cleaning the toilets at Mar-a-Lago and be even closer to the love of your life.

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