Here Is Donald Trump Forgetting The Words To ‘God Bless America’ (VIDEO)


Former reality show star Donald Trump threw quite a tantrum over the Philadelphia Eagles, saying that the football team was “disrespectful to our country” because they kneeled during the national anthem. However, they did not kneel this season. The real reason Trump disinvited the team was that fewer than five players were going to the White House. That’s five out of ninety players and that hurt Trump’s fee-fees.

Trump invited guests, then bragged about the crowd size, knowing that the Eagles were not there. Trump then joined in with the military to sing “God Bless America” but he appears to have forgotten the words.


Politico reported that the White House believed that the Eagles attempted to publicly humiliate Trump by sending only two or three players, the owner, and the mascot. But, as it happens, Trump, the least popular president in the history of polling, is just not popular. Who knew.

Kneeling during the anthem is not disrespectful to the flag. It’s a silent form of protest against racial inequality and police brutality.

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Image via screen capture.