Highly Trained Teacher With A Gun Proves Again Why The Classroom Is No Place To Carry One


Across Monterey Bay from the legendary coastal town of Santa Cruz is a sleepy seaside community called, well… Seaside, California. It’s just the kind of affluent place you might expect to find a high school with four clay courts, an Olympic-sized pool and track, and a Greek-style, thousand square foot, hexagonal library building.

And apparently good guys with guns.

Let’s do this list style, so we don’t miss anything in the description, shall we:

  • reserve police officer who moonlights as
  • an administration of justice teacher
  • who was highly trained in gun use
  • and teaching a course on gun safety
  • inside a high school

…accidentally discharged his weapon on Tuesday, blowing a hole in a ceiling from which debris fell onto the heads of students, according to the Monterey County Weekly.

I mean I can give you a few minutes to read that a couple more times if you like, but I feel like the boldface, bulleted list kind of drives the point home, doesn’t it? If this dude can’t safely handle a gun in a classroom without an accidental discharge and he’s a cop, what makes anyone think a Kindergarten teacher could carry a gun in class?

The concept of arming teachers as a solution to the gun violence epidemic in America is as ludicrous as it’s been since people started saying exactly that — so they didn’t have to discuss the possibility of banning a particular gun that they really like.

Monterey Peninsula Unified School District sent out a statement to the parents of kids who attend Seaside High School, and in part, it said:

“We want to make you aware of an accident that occurred in the Administration of Justice class today at Seaside High School. As some of you may know, the teacher is a reserve police officer.

Today, during class, the teacher accidentally discharged his firearm during a lesson while it was pointed at the ceiling. Debris from the ceiling then fell. Upon learning of the incident, our Human Resources department, school site administration and the Seaside Police Department immediately began investigating the incident, including interviewing students in the class.

In discussion with your student, if he/she has information to share that has not already been shared, please direct the student to me. We will also have counseling services available for students.”

There’s one option they could consider in addition to counseling students after the fact when the one safe place kids used to count on — the classroom — is compromised by the accidental discharge of a firearm: Stop allowing them in there, whether it’s Dennis Alexander, reserve cop-slash-math teacher-slash-gun safety instructor, or not.

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Featured image via Peretz Partensky/Flickr