His Sanity Clearly Failing, Trump Pens A Tweet That Defies Explanation


Man. It has been a HELL of a day at the White House. First thing this morning, we were treated to a Trumper Tantrum that ran the gamut from his undying desire to erase Obamacare from the annals of history to his invisible border wall, with unemployment and stocks filling every gap. Then we saw now-former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tossed out on his ear. Trump ran into Jeff Sessions for the first time since all the nasty talking he did about the AG. Brand new Chief of Staff John Kelly practically whipped his dick out in a Cabinet meeting. Trump even called the room he was headed to by the name of a set from “The Apprentice.” No chaos there, that’s for sure!

Image via Twitter

In short, it’s been ridiculous. I turned on my television to listen to Sarah Huckabee Sanders totally not explain anything at all about Scaramucci, and what I saw was chaos and literally nothing else. In fact, it took Team Trump an extra 20 minutes to even get their stories straight before they sent Sanders to the podium. When she did get there, she was all over the place. She said, alternately, that Scaramucci resigned and that he wanted to give General Kelly a “clean slate,” and then that Donald Trump thought Scaramucci’s comments in the media the other day were totally inappropriate, indicating that it was Trump’s idea that Scaramucci leave… Which of course are both wrong, since the entire conversation was about how Kelly himself is whipping the staff into shape.

When a reporter asked her about Trump’s recent remarks condoning police brutality, which were roundly rebuked by literally every police guild in the country, Sanders had the unmitigated gall to claim that Trump was joking. About police brutality.

So what kind of day has it been at the White House today? Why don’t we ask Donald himself, who tweeted about it just before 6:30 from Washington, DC:

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