‘Hope Hicks’ Bids A Hilarious Farewell To Donald Trump On SNL (VIDEO)


A bad week for the White House got even worse with the announcement by Communications Director Hope Hicks that she will be leaving the West Wing in the weeks ahead. Hicks is one of Trump’s most trusted aides and reportedly one of the few people he actually takes advice from.

On Saturday Night Live, “Hope” had a chance to say goodbye to Donny Dollhands, and it was hilarious.

SNL cast member Cecily Strong played Hicks, and began by saying:

“Working at the White House was like going to summer camp, you know? You make all these new friends, you barely get any sleep and then everyone leaves after eight weeks.”

There was also a special word of thanks to Kellyanne Conway:

“[Kellyanne] taught me that a strong woman could run a campaign and win.

“And you showed me what I could turn into if I stuck around too long.”

But the funniest comments were reserved for Trump. “Hope” addressed him directly:

“To Donny. I’ll always be your Hope-y, which is what you called me when you needed help ‘cause your big red tie touched the toilet water.

“It was so much fun being the Trump translator, like that woman who taught sign language to Koko the gorilla.”

Remember that meeting at Trump Tower? The departing communications director also had a hilarious comment on it:

“And Donny, never forget our little inside joke, ‘The meeting was about Russian adoptions.

“He’ll get that.”

Twitter loved the skit and lit up with praise:

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Featured image via screen capture