‘Men Who Bern’ 2016 Calendar: The Sexiest Way To Support Bernie Sanders


What a great idea! Put gorgeous men who support presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on a calendar, and the money goes to support the Vermont senator’s campaign.















Joe Beuerlein is the man behind the calendar idea. The actor and bartender also started the Men Who Bern Instagram account, and he posted the half-serious idea of a hunky-men calendar there.

Via Instagram:


To Beuerlein’s amazement, guys liked the idea and the calendar took off:

“Some guys (incredibly) got back to me. Some pictures we took with the photographer Richard Gasparro. Some I took in my living room! But we’re pumped with how it turned out.”

Although Beuerlein is a Sanders supporter, he has no affiliation with the Bernie Sanders’ campaign. The actor wrote about the calendar’s purpose:

“The calendar was made to raise money for the grassroots operation here in New York to win Bernie’s home state.”

Now for the best part, we have photos of some of the men who posed for the Men Who Bern calendar. Thank you, Joe Beuerlein!

If you want a buy one of Beuerlein’s creations, go to MenWhoBern.com. Orders will only be accepted through January 15th.

Editor’s note: Hot damn.

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H/T Huffington Post

Image: Men Who Bern.