House Speaker Paul Ryan May Lose Reelection Bid, Trump Refuses To Endorse


Paul Ryan is in trouble in Wisconsin. With his unfavorable rating at 41.5% and his re-election primary August 9 (just a week away), Ryan may be voted the next ex-Speaker of the House.

Lo and behold, Ryan’s problem is coming from his own party, not the other side. He’s lost more than a dozen points each month since his primary race against Republican Paul Nehlan began. A Tea Party candidate, Nehlan has been tied to the hip of Donald Trump, whose won election twice in Ryan’s home region. He’s also been endorsed by Sarah Palin. I guess in that Congressional district, these are good qualities.

While Ryan has now technically endorsed Trump, he also remains one of the Republican nominee’s most frequent public critics. He has had to play politically correct, continuously distancing himself from Trump and his controversial comments. Every day Ryan is not forced to issue a statement is a good week.


With Trump and Nehlan on the horizon, Wisconsin voters also seem frustrated with Ryan and his longstanding policies on immigration and trade. They’re also embarrassed by the face-offs Ryan continues to have with the Republican candidate over immigration and trade.

Ryan has always pushed for open borders; Trump wants to “build a wall.”

Ryan put forth an omnibus spending bill that funded a controversial expansion of the refugee resettlement program; Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

Ryan is one of Congress’ leading advocates for globalist policies; Trump is against the TPP and (ahem) promises to bring jobs back to America.

According to PMI polling in July, Ryan’s rating fell nearly 30 points to just 43% support. Meanwhile, support for Nehlen increased to roughly 32%. A margin-of-error swing would put them within three points of each other.

To make matters even worse, Donald Trump is driving a further wedge between himself and the Republican establishment by Trump is refusing to endorse Ryan in his upcoming primary election.

Can you imagine? A presidential candidate not endorsing his party’s top elected official.

Praising Ryan’s opponent for running “a very good campaign,” Trump said that Ryan has sought his endorsement — an assertion that a Ryan spokesman denied later Tuesday — but that as of now he is only “giving it very serious consideration.”

A recent AMP Calypso poll shows Nehlan with 48% of the republican vote, Ryan with just 41%. No one has actually heard of AMP; it’s so distinctly conservative that it’s only being reported by conservative propaganda sites we’re too embarrassed to mention. We can say that AMP Calypso is an independent auditing firm that takes its name from its owner, Alexander M. Portelli. In addition to rating political ads, AMP Calypso also at one point operated an ATM at a local diner.

Needless to say, Ryan’s re-election numbers are an eye opener for the GOP, whose worst fear regarding Republican down-ballot elections would come true: The Trump Effect.

So good news, Democrats. Not only is Donald Trump bad for you, he’s bad for them, too. While Hillary Rodham Clinton is well-positioned to assume the Oval Office, Democrats may assume the power in both Congressional houses, too.