Hypocrite Ivanka ‘Empowers’ Women In Her Factories With Low Pay, Verbal Abuse


Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work: Redefining the Rules for Success, is full of advice for women in the workplace on how to succeed while trying to find balance between work and family time. Says Trump,

Like many other professional women, I have juggled the demands that come with growing my family and building my businesses…Empowering women has been central to my mission throughout my career, and with my book, “Women Who Work,” I hope to do just that

Women who work in Trump’s factories tell a different story..

According to Alia, who works at an Ivanka Trump clothing factory in Indonesia, the concepts of empowering women and balancing work and family in Trump’s book are laughable. The factory she works for that manufactures Trump’s clothing line pays one of the lowest wages in all of Indonesia. Workers complain of below-poverty wages, verbal abuse, and unrealistic production goals. Alia makes so little working for Trump that she can’t even afford to live with her two children. She has to travel to a faraway village to visit them. She states that her idea of a work-life balance would be to “see her children more often than one weekend per month.”

The Indonesia factory is not an abnormality in Ivanka’s brands. Last month, a Trump factory in China that manufactures shoes came under fire for similar issues. Workers there complained of women’s rights violations, verbal abuse from managers, and pay that is below China’s minimum wage. When labor activists investigated, they were taken into custody by Chinese police.

In the words of Fashion Revolution founder Carry Somers,

Ivanka Trump [the brand] claims to be the ultimate destination for Women Who Work, but this clearly doesn’t extend to the women who work for her in factories around the world.

Given the conditions in Trump’s factories, a better title for her book may have been “Wealthy White Women Who Work Even Though They Don’t Have To.” Her sister, Tiffany, seems to be one of the few women who found it relatable:

I’m so proud of my big sister @IvankaTrump on the launch of her #WomenWhoWorkBook! I can’t wait to start reading it! ?

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