Internet Creates #FreeMelania After It Appears She’s Held Hostage At Inauguration (VIDEO)


If there’s anything more disturbing than a sociopathic, racist, narcissistic, and rapey washed-up reality TV star with absolutely zero experience or knowledge of any the critical issues facing America, it’s the idea that he somehow has any semblance of a human relationship with his third wife. It’s painfully obvious that Melania Trump simply wanted to marry a billionaire and her marriage with Trump is as robotic as her smile itself. One might go so far as to suggest that Melania is feeling what the entire country (and world) is feeling at the moment: a total sense of fear and dread. 

People on Twitter have uncovered a video that clearly shows Melania not smiling during the swearing in ceremony, only to suddenly put on a smile faker than her cheeks after her ogre of a husband turned his back to her. She then goes back to looking like the political spouse in every Lifetime movie in which the husband is a rapist and abuser. 

Perhaps it was a glitch in her sex bot technology or maybe she finally had a thought independent of her husband. Or maybe it was just something totally innocent that’s now being totally blown out of proportion? Regardless, the #FreeMelania movement is born.

Watch the short #FreeMelania clip below:

Blink a few times rapidly on camera if you need us, Melania. We’ll be there for you, girl!

Featured image via screen capture