It’s Obama’s Birthday Today And The Internet Is Rubbing It In Trump’s Stupid Face


#ObamaDay is trending on Twitter in celebration of President Barack Obama’s fifty-seventh birthday today, and also trending is “Happy Birthday Mr. President.” A recent poll found that Americans find Obama to be the best President in their lifetime and that might explain Trump’s profound jealousy of Obama, a man who spent years trying to delegitimize our country’s first black president and to this day, the former reality show star can’t go a day without bringing up his predecessor. So naturally, Twitter being Twitter, Internet users are wishing the former president a happy birthday but in response to Trump’s tweets today and it’s pretty funny. Even Trump’s retweets are getting birthday wishes to Obama.

In 2014, the Obama White House sent out a tweet to wish former president George H.W’ Bush a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, President Obama.

P.S.: Come back. We need you.

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Image via screen capture.