James Comey Just Threw Some Serious Shade At Trump And Everyone Loves It


Former FBI Director James Comey’s trolling skills on Twitter are admirable in that he subtweets about Donald Trump and his associates. For example, when news broke of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea, he tweeted a verse from the Bible, writing, “‘But let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream’ Amos 5:24.” And now he’s subtweeting Trump after the former reality show star took to his Twitter account and accidentally admitted to obstruction of justice. Trump said he fired Flynn because he lied to the FBI, but that happened the day before he asked Comey to let go of the investigation.

Comey tweeted out a quote which also links to his Instagram account.

“Long Island Sound from Westport, CT.,” he wrote and included a picture of the view. “To paraphrase the Buddha — Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun; the moon; and the truth.” ‬

Twitter users are throwing impeachment parties.

After Trump’s tweet earlier, this could very well mark the beginning of the end of his presidency. Conservatives always say ‘Let Trump be Trump.’ How do y’all like him now?

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Image via screen capture.