James O’Keefe Claims He’s Stopping Voter Fraud By Following Pastor’s Bus To Polls (VIDEO,TWEETS)


You remember James O’Keefe, he’s the guy who did that undercover “expose'” of ACORN back in 2008, the one that was shown to be a load of manure. That didn’t prevent that worthy group from being destroyed. Or from Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu from having her career murdered when O’Keefe did a hack job on her (for which he pleaded guilty to trespassing on a government property). Or from NPR executives having their veracity destroyed in 2011, when O’Keefe secretly taped Ronald Schiller (gasp) voicing an opinion about the Tea party. Schiller was forced to resign.

The thing is, not only does O’Keefe secretly record people — a felony in some states — but his editing of the material is very selective. As someone who has been involved with television for 30-some years, I can tell you that editing makes the video become what the creator wants it to be. It’s amazingly easy with today’s non-linear editing software to turn an innocuous video into anything one wishes, including an attack. O’Keefe has built a career on this.

On Election Day, O’Keefe and his Project Veritas, fashioning itself some kind of secret spy agency, was out trolling looking for voter fraud. O’Keefe has, apparently, no knowledge of how voting works or of the voting laws. Of course, this doesn’t stop him because he is, in his own words, a “guerrilla journalist.” Okay, stop laughing. And he has, lord help us, a Twitter account. This is what he Tweeted at 9:32 AM in Philadelphia from his vehicle:

That facepalm-inducing video, which O’Keefe shot in a car following a dark van down a street in Philly, is proof that he was committing an election day crime. Taking people to their polling place is not illegal in any state. But stalking them, filming them and, by so doing, intimidating them IS illegal. O’Keefe, stupidly unaware of this fact, promises that his group will be “busting the whole thing wide open.” He really needs to stop watching hackneyed newspaper movies. That time could be better used by learning the voting laws.

Twitter was not about to let this chance to rub O’Keefe’s nose in it slip by. Oh, no. Nearly everyone who commented on the Tweet pointed out that it was O’Keefe who was legally wrong. The first was Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs:

A few Deplorables tried to argue that voting in different polling places, voting more than once in other words, was illegal. Well, sure, Brain Trust. But there is no proof that is what’s happening, here. If you pick a load of parishioners up at a church (a black church; draw your own conclusions) — which is what’s going on here — chances are that they will vote in at least a few different places. Stopping and letting voters go into their polling place is not fraud.

The Deplorables assume that everyone is voting at every stop, something that would be illegal. And impossible. Because each voter must be on the rolls at their polling place to vote there. Duh.

This was proved by another Project Veritas “sting” operation in Chicago in which a burqa-clad “operative” tried to vote under the name “Huma Abedin.” Because those dirty Muslims are just itching to commit a crime, any crime. The polling worker, after not finding the name on her voter list, issued a provisional ballot. Aha! See? Anyone can say they are someone else and vote under that name!

Except they can’t. A provisional ballot will not be counted unless the name can be verified by election officials. Since the “spy” wasn’t even in Huma Abedin’s legal polling place, it wouldn’t be. However, if the “spy” had taken that ballot, she would have been guilty of voter fraud, a felony.

Jame’s O’Keefe is a weasel disguised as a…well, he’s not disguised. Not even if he dresses up like a “pimp” (no, really). He fancies himself a real “guerrilla journalist” but all he is, is a guy with a video camera, an editing program and no morals who can’t be arsed to even look up the laws he says he is protecting. He is a loser. So much so that he thinks that, because he is trending on Twitter, it’s all in support of his “work.”

Featured Image via Screen Capture