JUST IN: 2 Rape Cases, 1 Day In Jail For University Of Indiana Frat Guy

John Phillip Enochs, 2 Rapes, 1 Day In Jail
John Phillip Enochs, 2 Rapes, 1 Day In Jail. Image FOX59.

Do you think one day in jail is the appropriate sentence for a former University of Indiana fraternity guy with two separate rape charges against him? People are up in arms after a judge sentenced John Phillip Enochs, 21, to a year on probation and one day in jail after a plea deal, according to People.

The sentence is absurd, given Enochs’ history of rape and that his victims will live for a lifetime with the consequences of his actions.

Enochs raped a woman at the Delta Tau Delta house in April 2015, according to Fox59. The second rape allegation occurred in 2013, and it was brought to light during the 2015 police investigation.

Court documents show that the criminal was arrested, based upon DNA evidence and witnesses’ statements. The most recent victim said she had been raped at his fraternity house, but she didn’t know him. She also said she told him repeatedly to stop, but he refused to release her. Eventually, she slipped out of the room and escaped.

The police were able to retrieve a security video from the Delta Tau Delta fraternity showing Enochs and the woman going into his room. She left about 24 minutes later. Health officials determined she suffered a lacerations as a result of the rape.

One Twitter user wrote:

‘Now we know the truth. White men don’t get punished for raping women.’

The former University of Indiana student accepted a plea deal Thursday, according to Fox59. That way, he could plead guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury. The double rape carried a much stronger penalty, while the one he pleaded is just a Class A misdemeanor.

The court withdrew two previous rape charges and amended the new charge, according to court records. But this is nothing unique. Former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner pleaded his rape case down to a six-month sentence.

Another Twitter user wrote:

‘White male privilege must be nice.’

Enochs dropped out of Indiana University without graduating. Just hope he doesn’t come to a university near you or your family.

Featured Image: Fox59.

H/T: People and Fox 59.