Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Is Quickly Deleting His Tweets Slamming Trump


One day after George Conway received media attention for his critical tweets of Trump, he abruptly changed his tune and deleted them.

Yeah, that isn’t suspicious or bizarre at all, George. George appears to be a giant-ass flip-flopper who couldn’t stick with one opinion to save his life.

Or perhaps Kellyanne made him sleep on the couch last night for being a naughty boy on Twitter?

According to CNN, Conway deleted the tweets that focused on Trump’s legal problems. The most intriguing of which was one containing his commentary on reports of Trump denying things where Conway called them “absurd” and snarkily said, “people are banging on the doors to be his communications director.”

Ironically his wife is one of those people, amongst a few others up for the position since Hope Hicks left.

Perhaps that’s why he’s backtracking on those tweets now? Wife’s up for a promotion and he can’t be critical of her boss? Naughty, naughty George!

When CNN asked Conway about the deleted tweets, he said,” no reason” and “I have nothing to add.”

Alrighty then George, but I still say there was a reason you deleted those tweets and she’s married to you.

However, this isn’t the first time he’s flipped to the dark side again. Last year he tweeted criticisms of the travel-ban policy then flipped again and tweeted:

Trump hasn’t responded to any of Conway’s tweets, but I for one, am eagerly awaiting the epic showdown!

Basically, George Conway is a douche and flip-flopper who can’t stick with one opinion and defend it. As soon as he starts getting attention for one opinion, he flips to the other. Now he just looks like a giant pansy. I don’t think lawyers can be flip-floppers, isn’t it against the rules somewhere? It seems that it wouldn’t bode well to just flip-flop on a client in the middle of defending them, though it is a good way to lose the case and your clients.

He’s done this before but didn’t delete the tweets. He’ so whipped.

What an idiot.

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Image via CNN screen capture.