Kellyanne Goes Seriously Psycho On CNN After Host Asks About Her Hubby’s Anti-Trump Tweets


Despite her proclivity for “alternative facts” and defensiveness of an indefensible boss, Kellyanne Conway has done a relatively decent job keeping her shit together in the 16 months since Donald Trump was inaugurated. There has been plenty of criticism of her lies and, by lesser media outlets, her looks, but generally Mrs. Conway has held up alright under the intense pressure of working for Donald Trump in a position none would envy.

Today, however, America got a look at the underpinnings of her ability to keep herself from jumping across a news desk and discovered that they’re, um… a little loose.

Sitting down with CNN’s Dana Bash, Kellyanne was discussing the likelihood of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, “flipping” on his client and cooperating with the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation, something that the Trump administration improbably believes is still not going to happen.

Naturally, the conversation led to Kellyanne’s husband George, who is himself a lawyer and has tweeted many times about Trump’s legal dilemmas — and in most cases, gone back and deleted those tweets — and how the seeming split between husband and wife about Trump’s legal travails might be reconciled at home.

“What is up with your husband’s tweets,” asked Bash, who then proceeded to read a sampling of George’s social media messages critical of Trump.

What follows is something best imagined as a fantasy about having been asked that very question, rehearsed over and over in a mirror, steeling herself with the intestinal fortitude it would take her to finally draw a line in the sand, like a 12-year-old boy might imagine himself finally beating up a bully at school, or any of us who are endlessly creative after the fact and beat ourselves up for not having said something clever or retaliatory during a confrontation.

Kellyanne lost the shit she’s been keeping together so carefully.

This administration’s relationship with CNN has never been better than problematic, and Kellyanne turned what Dana Bash probably thought was just a normal question into an apocalyptic, “rubicon”-crossing moment, a “you went there” that Conway had clearly been waiting for so that she could unleash her inner psycho.

I think Donald Trump’s chief counselor may need a counselor of her own.

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Featured image screen capture via CNN video footage.