Laura Bush Enters The Trump-Created Border Separation Fray As Only A Mother Could


Laura Bush added her voice to those opposing the Trump administration’s cruel policy of separating asylum-seeking immigrants on the US – Mexico border from their children, comparing it to the World War II Japanese internment policy.

Everyone knows this is all about Trump’s obsession with his border wall.

What happened to his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall? Oh, wait, it’s starting to make sense. There are over 2,000 children under the age of 10 separated from their parents, and this number is growing. One of the most recent conservative estimates of the cost of the wall is $21.6 billion-with-a-B. So, for Trump, what it boils down to is, what price will Democrats place on the head of an innocent child entering the country with equally innocent asylum-seeking parents? Is it $21.6 billion divided by 2,000?

That’s what Trump is betting on to finally get his fucking wall.

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Images via screen capture.