Laura Ingraham Is Going On Vacation FOR SOME REASON And The Internet Is Laughing


After making fun of Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg earlier in the week on Twitter because he hadn’t been accepted to a few colleges he had applied to, Fox “News” host Laura Ingraham quickly found out that she should have kept her big mouth shut.

Hogg called for a boycott of advertisers on Ingraham’s nightly hate-fest of a show, and 16 of them have already pulled their sponsorship, proving that the language of money is indeed one that even a right-wing bully like Ingraham can understand.

Ingraham issued a lame apology for her comments, but it was too little, too late.

On her show Friday evening, Ingraham announced:

“I’ll be off for Easter break with my kids, but fear not – we’ve got a great lineup of guest hosts to fill in for me.”

Sounds like Fox may be preparing to part ways with Laura, and former Fox News president Joe Peyronnin said the sudden rush of advertisers leaving “could be fatal” to the future of her show.

But perhaps Ingraham can take some solace in the remarks found on Twitter. And if not, at least we can enjoy them:

Even David Hogg had a suggestion for Laura:

If we’re all lucky, Laura will be kept on permanent vacation and relegated to the outer depths of media oblivion, just like O’Reilly.

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Featured image via screen capture