Lawmakers Preparing To Jump Ship To Get Away From Trump Dumpster Fire

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Republican lawmakers, constantly taking hits for pretend president Donald Trump’s bad behavior, frequent temper tantrums, constipated middle of the night Twitter rants, and general idiocy are looking for a way out. Government service is no longer the cake and ice cream ‘job’ they have enjoyed for so many years.

As Trump nears the nine-month mark of his first year in office (my GAWD! Has it ONLY been NINE months?) it has become increasingly evident that any control the congressional Republicans ‘thought’ they would have over Mr. Erratic Behavior has been shredded. They have totally lost control of the monster they created.

We did try to warn them that putting him in the White House would be like releasing a pinball wearing a jet pack in a glass factory.

The first person jumping ship appears to be Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), who announced last Thursday that he will not seek re-election. At least he seems willing to finish out his current commitment… maybe.

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He didn’t have many kind words for the Republican party and the direction they are headed during his announcement speech. He cited dysfunction within the party and government itself as a result of the polarization that is only getting worse under the (lack of) leadership of King Cheetos.

I’ve worked to instill stability, certainty and predictability in Washington. I’ve fought to fulfill the basic functions of Government, like keeping the lights on and preventing default.

Regrettably, that has not been easy given the disruptive outside influences that profit from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that leads to dysfunction, disorder and chaos.

So… how many more might be standing in the line waiting to jump ship (or is it walking the plank)? According to sources that have been bending the ear of New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin, Dent is just the first one to jump. Martin posted on Twitter:

Shortly after that, Martin added more clarification and another source:

If Republicans keep jumping off the government gravy train because Trump is an idiot, we might not have to wait until the 2018 midterms for sanity to return to Washington. The more Republicans that jump off the boat, the lower their majority goes. The lower their majority, the less control Trump will have over what they take away from good, honest, tax-paying people.

I’m all for them beginning the impeachment proceedings.

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