Look At This Douche On The House Floor Calling For Mueller To Be Fired (VIDEO)


With Democrats trouncing Republicans yesterday in elections across the country while Donald Trump’s administration and associates are inundated with scandals, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) took to the House floor to call for special counsel Robert Mueller to resign or be fired. That doesn’t look suspicious at all as Gaetz bends over and grabs his ankles for the most unpopular president in the history of polling while wearing what appears to be a child’s jacket. Maybe Gaetz was drinking again – it’s hard to tell.

“We are at risk of a coup d’état in this country if we allow an unaccountable person with no oversight to undermine the duly-elected President of the United States,” Gaetz said. “That is precisely what is happening right now with the indisputable conflicts of interest that are present with Mr. Mueller and others at the Department of Justice.”

One should never say ‘conflicts of interest’ when defending Donald Trump.

“I join … in calling for Mr. Mueller’s resignation or his firing,” Gaetz continued.

The Hill reports:

Last week, Gaetz introduced a resolution that argues Mueller is compromised because he served as FBI director when the Obama administration signed off on a deal allowing a Russian company to purchase a Canadian energy company with uranium operations in the U.S. in 2010.

“These deeply troubling events took place when Mr. Mueller was the Director of the FBI. As such, his impartiality is hopelessly compromised. He must step down immediately,” Gaetz said in a statement Friday.

Gaetz’s resolution currently only has two co-sponsors; Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas). But even House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week that Congress will not “interfere” with Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

During Gaetz’s speech, he called for the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to “investigate the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One deal and the Fusion GPS dossier.”


Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted on multiple counts, and that includes the charge of conspiracy against the United States. Richard Gates was also indicted. It was revealed that George Papadopoulos, Trump’s former campaign adviser, pleaded guilty earlier in October to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials.

Congrats to Gaetz for not calling for Hillary’s emails to be investigated again, or Benghazi. Word of advice for Gaetz: Pull yourself together, put on a big boy’s suit and don’t give speeches after you downed a few jello shots with your douchey fraternity brothers. Geez.

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Image via screen capture.