Louis Gohmert Gets Wrecked For Displaying INSANE Flowchart Of Obama-Russia Conspiracy (VIDEO)


During today’s appearance of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) called for a special counsel investigation into the debunked Uranium One conspiracy theory, and the Internet went wild.

Why? To illustrate the connections among the various players involved in Uranium One, Gohmert produced the insanely complicated chart below and waved it around as his mouth flapped without any apparent connection to a brain. Watch:

Here’s the chart:

A close inspection shows a particularly illuminating connection from President Obama to … President Obama:

Okay, now that’s just some real fine investigative work right there.

Here’s what social media had to say:

One is reminded of other visual aids that help elucidate important issues, like the following:

Gohmert’s web site touted this tour de farce on his website, so he’s actually proud of this sh*t.

All of this is yet another manifestation of Donald Trump’s unrequited man-crush on President Obama.

Uranium One, Gohmert zero.

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Featured image via screen capture