Man Had No Idea He’s Listed On The Board Of Trump Foundation For 10 Years Until Feds Told Him


The New York state attorney general is suing Donald Trump and his three eldest children for operating an alleged sham charity, which is really reminiscent of his scammy University. That news prompted the former reality show star to unleash a series of mean-girl tweets targeting the “sleazy New York Democrats,” whatever that means. And of course, he whined about Hillary Clinton because today ends in a Y.
Attorney General Barbara Underwood filed the lawsuit, but Trump is somehow blaming former A.G. Eric Schneiderman, who is no longer in office. The suit is against the Trump Foundation and its directors — Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump — and it alleges a pattern of persistent illegal conduct, occurring over more than a decade.

As it happens, the Trump Foundation treasurer found out that he was listed on the board of directors for more than 10 years when federal investigators told him, according to the Washington Post.

But behind the scenes, Underwood said, the foundation was essentially one of Trump’s personal checkbooks — a pool of funds that his accounting clerks knew to use whenever Trump wanted to pay money to a nonprofit. By law, Trump wasn’t allowed to buy things for himself using the charity’s money, even if he was buying them from nonprofits.

At one point, during a deposition, a New York state investigator asked Allen Weisselberg — a Trump Organization employee who was also listed as treasurer for the Trump Foundation — if the foundation had a policy for determining which specific payments the foundation was allowed to make.

“There’s no policy, just so you understand,” Weisselberg said. The interviewer asked if Weisselberg had understood he was actually on the board of the Trump Foundation, and had been for more than a decade.

“I did not,” Weisselberg said.

A reporter for the right-leaning site the Free Beacon tweeted an image of that section of the Washington Post’s article and promptly changed his username to ‘Trump Foundation Treasurer.’

How on earth did he not know that he’s the board — unless the foundation is a sham and that’s what the AG is alleging in the lawsuit. This is just incredible but if you elect a clown, as they say, expect a swamp-filled circus.

And now we know another reason why Trump wouldn’t release his tax returns.

Happy birthday, Mr. Trump. Lol.

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