Man With No Political Experience Who Became ‘President’ Rages Against Successful Man Who Had No Experience


An attorney for the (first) whistleblower who sparked an impeachment inquiry over “President” Donald Trump’s controversial communications with Ukraine tweeted Sunday that “multiple’ whistleblowers” have come forward, and we’re totally sure that’s not why the former reality show star seems stressed out this morning (wink wink). Trump, who had zero political experience when entering the White House is raging against Hunter Biden who was sitting on a board even though he had no experience. Also, Princess Ivanka and her husband Jared made $82 million while working in the White House in 2017 – both with zero political experience.

It’s only OK if the Trump Crime Family does it, apparently.

Twitter users noted the irony.

Trump is in panic-mode so he’s been tweeting to rage against the world just as it’s revealed there are “multiple whistleblowers” who are now represented by an attorney. Next, Trump will suggest a Civil War will ensue if he’s impeached. Oh, wait, he did that already.

Tick tock, motherfucker.

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