Many People Are Saying Trump Sniffling During Debate Means He’s Very Sick. Believe Me. (TWEETS)


Twelve words into the first debate, Trump blamed Mexico for our terrible job situation despite the question put to him highlighting America’s current prosperity. He started off with:

“Thank you, Lester. Our jobs are fleeing the country. They’re going to Mexico.”

As it became clear early on that the debates would include Clinton calmly explaining her plans and Trump repeating the same recycled claims like Mexico is to blame for everything, Twitter users sought relief in an unexpected Trump twitch.

Just 19 minutes into the debate, #trumpsniffle began trending on Twitter.



While Trump claimed to have made billions of dollars, the real winners were tonight were Sudafed and Flonase.



Sadly, the debate transcripts do not include the sniffles, but Twitter users were happy to help.



Since Trump has raised so much concern over Hillary’s cough, it seems only just that people would wonder over the origin of Trump’s sniffle. This is particularly true since Trump since hasn’t released detailed medical records.


Some of that concern seemed almost genuine.


The sniffles even got politicized.


And the conspiracy theories weren’t far behind.


But most people went with suspecting Trump used some sort of “substance” to help him focus.


It’s not often that one can work Scarface into a presidential debate meme. Of course, some people even got fancy and used photoshop to really drive home the point.


Before long TrumpSniff even had its own Twitter profile followed by Donald Trump Sniffs and Trump’s Sniffle.



The fun didn’t even stop at the end of the debate. After Trump oh so demurely praised himself for his performance, a Twitter user bluntly responded with what many of us who watched the debates were thinking:


Before the night was over, there were several Trump debate sniffles compilation videos.


And thus Donald Trump won the honor of having the first presidential debate meme. One wonders what the other two debates will have in store and if the sniffles will strike again.

Feature image via Twitter.