Marco Rubio Goes Down In Flames After Calling For The Left To Be Nicer To Republicans


Donald Trump once said that “you have to brand people,” and so he gives nicknames to his adversaries, like Crooked Hillary and Little Marco. It fit right into Trump’s campaign tactics which he still practices today, while his vicious supporters attack the press, sometimes physically, and protesters have been punched, sometimes at Trump’s direction. Trump supporters held signs reading, “Trump that bitch,” and “Trump vs. Tramp” referring to Hillary Clinton during the campaign, or t-shirts reading, “She’s a cunt, vote for Trump.”

“Life’s a bitch, don’t vote for one” buttons were sold outside Trump’s 2016 rally in Michigan. Trumpsters wore t-shirts reading, “Fuck your feelings” but now, after he ‘won’ the election, following the nastiest campaign I’ve ever witnessed, the fuck your feelings crowd wants civility – at least toward them – and their politicians.

Trump, like others, lashed out at a Virginia restaurant for politely refusing to serve White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) blasted out a few tweets, apparently unnerved that the two sides aren’t being sweet to each other, totally unaware that the so-called president* treated him like shit during the campaign.

Rubio called out the “Trump haters” in a series of tweets.

That didn’t go down well on Twitter.


Republicans feel they’re being treated unfairly but they are suffering from selective memory issues. In 2012, a Virginia bakery turned vice-president Joe Biden away, then they quickly sold out of ‘freedom cookies.’ Biden didn’t unleash mean-girl tweets to attack the owners and it wasn’t turned into a big deal. But now, the fuck your feelings crowd wants to be treated with kid gloves. We’re witnessing the most corrupt administration of our lifetimes and Rubio wants us to be nice while he shoves his head up Trump’s massive ass. Sorry, Rubio, that’s not how this works and if politics is getting too rough for you then get the hell out. We’re fighting for our country, you spineless little git.

Fuck your feelings, Marco.

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Image: Michael Vadon via Flickr, under CC license 2.0.