Michigan Governor, The NRA And This Gun Nut All Agree: Domestic Abusers Should Be Armed


Rob Kinnison, who also goes by the moniker, Raging Rob, has a message for Moms Demand Action. Rob is your typical unhinged gun rights activist who inadvertently displays exactly why domestic abusers should not have access to guns.

He’s angry and misinformed.


Rob says, “Mothers Demand Action, you can expect to see this face at the beginning of March when I get back to Michigan and if you protest on capitol hill in Lansing, guess who’s gonna be there?”

Rob thinks most women who are victims of domestic violence, are really not victims at all. He says that just before the police get to the residence, a woman usually starts smashing herself in the head with a hammer, then tells the authorities that the man did it.

Rob thinks women should arm themselves instead of hiding under the bed and calling the police. We all know that a little crossfire never hurt anyone, amirite?

His message to Moms who do not want violent offenders to have guns: Put a dick in your mouth and shut up.

Rob is moving to Michigan and although he doesn’t give details in the video, he has said previously that he plans to start a militia.

Rob urges Gov Snyder to sign, bill 789, which was partly authored by the NRA, and puts guns in the hands of wife and husband beaters.

“The NRA supports this bill and so do I. I hope Gov. Snyder signs it!,” Rob states in the video.

“I know a couple of guys with PPOs and they can’t get a gun under current law and that’s discrimination,” Rob says (out loud).

“Anybody can have a PPO against ’em if you have a crazy ex-girlfriend,” Rob says while dismissing the fact that men have been victims of domestic violence, too.


Rob says domestic abusers should “have a right to defend themselves against crazy, wacko ex-girlfriends” and also “Shannon Watts” and “Obama.”

Rob tweets misogynistic and shocking racist rhetoric. He repeatedly retweets @WhitePower8814’s tweets in which he calls Barack Obama, our country’s first black president, a “monkey”.

Rob is a bonafide racist who casually tweets out the N-word.

This is how Raging Rob views our country’s first black president and First Lady.

If that’s not crazy enough for you, Rob tweeted me once to tell me that we were once married in a previous life. I’d rather have my vagina surgically closed.

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Big thanks to my pal out there for helping me to transcribe this nutbag’s video.