Moore Lands The Coveted Trifecta Endorsement Of Trump, Christian Right, And Now Nazis


In an era where folksiness, charm, and an “aw shucks” attitude have all but replaced intelligence, acumen, and compassion as requirements for being a politician — at least in the Republican Party — it’s hard to quantify just exactly what the right combination of endorsements is.

For example, George W. Bush had the backing of evangelical Christians and the establishment GOP, and that seemed to be enough. They didn’t require advanced degrees, serious military service, or even the ability to successfully debate someone. They just backed him twice and he won two times. Come to think of it, that almost sounds like Reagan before him — well, before his dad anyway, who won only once. Perhaps HW was a little too “cerebral” for the Party.

Trump is, of course, an outlier. He is FAR from an “aw shucks” candidate, and he’s certainly not folksy or charming, but he did nail down that evangelical Christian endorsement. In fact, I’m beginning to suspect that the evangelical endorsement has less to do with the character of the person running than it does the Party they represent.

But with Trump, another endorsement dynamic has emerged. After the overtly racist campaign he ran in 2015-16, the next logical step for racist groups around the country was to endorse him for president. And boy, did they. Trump got explicit endorsements from David Duke, the KKK, anti-Semitic groups, and what has come to be known as the “alt-Right” — a ragtag group of white supremacist internet trolls who think dank memes make up for their tiny dicks.

And that seems weird, right? That a candidate could carry the endorsement of such “toxic” groups and still be elected?

Nope — That’s apparently the new normal. I feel like I need to buckle up, because as time passes, Republican candidates get worse and worse, carrying new and horrifying accusations against them, and garnering the support of the dregs of society.

Why do I say that? Because Roy Moore, the Alabama child molester whose political fate will be decided in a Tuesday election, has just gotten an endorsement from actual literal Nazis.

The website The Daily Stormer, which we won’t link to here both because it’s gross and also because they’ve been kicked off more than a dozen web hosts for just being the worst humans on the planet, is a neo-Nazi publication that fully embraces the tenets of Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution.” They also fully embrace Roy Moore, the pedophile who assaulted minor girls all throughout his early 30’s when he held a position of authority in the tiny Southern town he’s from.

Writer Robert Warren Ray was especially excited about an old interview that resurfaced of Roy Moore calling for the abolition of every constitutional amendment after the 10th, because of what he saw as accuracy in Moore’s interpretation of Hitler:

“Moore used Hitler’s ‘big lie’ quote, and actually used it correctly, rather than claiming it meant Hitler was admitting to being a big liar all the time, as our politicians and (((media))) always do.”

The triple parentheses are an online indicator used by Jewish people to denote their faith, while Nazis use them to identify anything they don’t like as Jewish.

And those amendments Moore wants to get rid of?

“No more women and n—–s voting!”

That sounds about like the America that Republicans want. I guess the evangelical Christians want it too.

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