More Than 500 NFL Players Expected To Deliver A Stunning Message To Trump Today


Noted activist Shaun King, who regularly breaks stories that white reporters won’t touch, has confirmed this morning that more than 500 NFL players intend to demonstrate today during the playing of the national anthem, in response to Donald Trump’s wild weekend of racism and hyperbole.

It may usually be the case that Shaun King reports on things that somehow escape the mainstream, but on this NFL Sunday, there are 14 games being played. There are 53 players on each team. The fact that a third of them are considering a protest statement not just against Trump, but in solidarity with those already protesting police brutality across the country, means that even the normally apolitical sports beat is being forced to report on what’s happening today.

After Trump appeared in Alabama over the weekend in support of his other current favorite racist (besides himself), he doubled down on the inflammatory remarks he made at that rally:

But no small number of players, coaches, and owners came out in solidarity against Trump’s divisive rhetoric. Even the former coach of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan — who actually introduced Trump at a campaign event — was disgusted.

The ironic part is, people everywhere are waking up to what a pile of self-serving garbage Trump is. It’s not just Rex Ryan. Multiple NFL owners gave millions of dollars to Trump’s campaign in 2016. Now he’s calling their players “sons of bitches” for exercising their First Amendment rights?

Nobody’s having it. You’re about to see it all play out on the sidelines.

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